The camera has been with me since I was 17 years old when I started as an apprentice in two photography studios whose clients were public figures or businessmen from the country, this entailed a great demand, which I am grateful, because each event took me to overcome my own limitations at maximum speed.

Two years later I decide to become independent and the study of Alan Cervantes is born. I made the photography and video of the wedding of Andrea Legarreta among other personalities and although weddings are still my strength, it is the law of life that everything evolves and those couples that I recorded when they got married had children and that is why in my catalog of services I also include studio photography from newborn to family, coverage of social and business events.

Being a photographer for me is a huge responsibility, because memories are what tell us where we came from, what we did, who we are and they become the roots of many families.

What I deliver is natural, creative photography from different perspectives because I love to capture reality with its multiple details and approaches. When you hire me you will see me going up, down, skidding but giving you those frozen moments of pure emotion, which will become a legacy.

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